Nathen Harvey

a blog


I’ve recently switched my blog from Blogger to Octopress. After working with Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad I’ve found that the Octopress works best for my personal blog.

Creating and editing posts in a text editor instead of a browser is a step-saver for me. Previously I always worked with a local copy of each article and would cut-n-paste between my text editor and the browser.

The rake- and git-based workflow feels very natural. After all, this is a “blogging framework for hackers.”

The standard layout and plugins are working well for me with little customization.

Deploying is a snap. I’m currently using Heroku to host the blog but could just as easily be using github:pages.

The simplicity and familiar workflow really make for an excellent blogging platform! Thanks @imathis for giving us Octopress!