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Taming the Kraken - How Operations Enables Developer Productivity

At RailsConf 2012, I gave a presentation on how the CustomInk web operations team enables developer productivity.

There’s always a bit of tension when getting features from idea to production. In this talk, I describe some of the changes CustomInk has made to reduce this friction and keep the new features coming. Gone are the days of bi-monthly deploys, office pools dedicated to guessing when this deploy will be rolled back, and the ceremony surrounding the deploy-rollback-fix-deploy cycle. Today, ideas flow from product managers to developers to production with ease thanks to a number of changes that we’ve made to our teams, processes and tools.

Presenting at RailsConf was a really enjoyable experience and the presentation was well received. There were lots of questions from the audience after the presentation. Unfortunately, the Q & A section was not captured in the video. I’d really appreciate any questions or feedback you have, just drop a comment below.



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