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The Joy of Cooking - Whip Up a Rails Environment With Chef

You’ve heard of Chef, Puppet, and other frameworks that can help you build out your infrastructure. You’ve been meaning to play around with one or more of them for some time now. Now’s your chance; Start cooking up on your own servers!

In this presentation, I provide an introduction to Chef with a focus on what you’ll need to know to get a Rails application up and running.

Topics include: * Introduction to Chef * Nodes, roles, environments, and other terminology * Introduction to cookbooks * Provisioning an environment for a Rails application * Deploying with Capistrano

You won’t be ready to compete in Iron Chef, but you will be ready to serve up your own Rails environment in no time.

I gave slightly different versions of this presentation at RubyNation 2012 and #ChefConf 2012.

I’d really appreciate any comments, questions, or feedback in the comments section below.

Video from ChefConf


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